The Pink Team

Meet the Pink family – dedicated academics, athletes, health nuts, and builders of a healthy lifestyle. We have been a part of Young Living since 2009 and the support team we have built is more than a place for answers.

The Pink Team is here to support, help, and teach the benefits and advantages of a natural lifestyle through collaboration, creativity, and personalized care.

Members of our group receive weekly email newsletters to share knowledge about natural living – everything from nutrition, exercise, and supplements to proactive healthcare – as well as events near you, and tips for a customized and personal Young Living experience.

We respond to individual inquiries and can offer suggestions and lend our experience to those who are just getting started.

If you have others interested in joining Young Living, Michelle teaches local classes on essential oil use – available to be taught in your own living room, or via Facetime and Skype.

The Pink Team is connected globally through inclusive social media platforms, groups of like-minded individuals using, experiencing, and talking about essential oil use.

We’d love to add you as a member to our ever-growing support team. We welcome you with open arms!

The Pink team

The Pink team